Sunday, 15 September 2013

First Night Out

Okay, maybe a little late, but I'm finally going to tell you about my first experience of the Glasgow nightlife. Well - sort of. It's "Fresher's Week" here at GCU, so many of the clubs are doing events for first year students, which may not be the best representation of the actual experience. Regardless, I went out.
It was at a club just around a few corners from the university called Kushion - very hip, I know. The event actually had a bus shuttling people from the residence to the club, so we got on board and were given a set of markers and each of us received a white T-shirt to wear. After we spent the bus ride marking up each others' shirts, we arrived at Kushion.
It was a lower-level bar, below the street. Entry was free to people wearing the event shirts, and we pretty soon found out that shots were £1 each, and Heineken was £1.50 per can until midnight... at which point it became £2 - big deal. So apparently they make drinking easy for students. There was a woman doing neon facepaints for free, so Holly, Taylor and myself lined up and each got a different design. 

We found some friends from Caledonian court and danced with them. There were neon balloons all over the floor to kick around. Plenty of people from all over the world, like a couple of people from Paris that we chatted with, and of course the Scots. Holly and I have pretty much got our introductions down pat: She's American, I'm Canadian, yes we live together, yes we're 22 and 23, Holly's older, yes there is a lot of snow in Canada, yes it is warm in California... etc. I love the hilarious questions about home that I get asked - I love telling people about where I come from and why I love it so much!

About now is where the newness stopped and the club became just like the ones back home: smoke machine, DJ, blacklights, blah blah blah. When the three of us decided to call it a night, we just walked the short distance back to the residence with Lee and Fulvia, and ta-da. First night clubbing in Glasgow.

Taylor, Me, and Holly

Me and Taylor!

Myself, Taylor, Holly, Naomi, Lee, and Seamus

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