Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saying Goodbye

My family is supportive of me, all the time, no matter what. Since I mentioned I was thinking of doing a semester abroad, my parents have encouraged every step to took to get me here. Now I'm sitting at my gate in the Toronto airport, watching luggage being trucked on board - knowing mine is in there somewhere (at least, hoping it is!) My brother postponed his moving to Waterloo until tomorrow, and my sister took the weekend off work to be able to get together for my departure. Jarrett and I spent Wednesday together, both of us deciding we'd rather say goodbye then than drag it out the rest of the week and make my airport drop-off even more wrenching. The five of us went to Canyon Creek for dinner near the airport, before parking (!) and walking into the terminal with me. Hugs were given and pictures were taken, but I found it difficult to spend a lot of time saying goodbye. As my anxiety began to creep up, I had to spin on my heels and walk through the security line with my family waving goodbye on the other side. 

I've never flown by myself before, but I'm glad for all the experience I've had flying with my family - one less thing to stress about when I already know the motions I'm being put through. I'm also so glad to be Canadian, leaving my home country amongst smiles and good wishes of all the airport staff I've encountered. My high-flying, points-earning father managed to get my flight entirely on his reward points, which gave me access to the airline lounge. So I am here, enjoying a glass of red wine in the peaceful KLM lounge before this exciting chapter begins. I can't help feeling that this will be an awfully big adventure.

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