Monday, 23 September 2013

The Walkabout

Our student bar is off-campus, at a place called The Walkabout. Well, our student union is above the Walkabout... but the most amazing miracle happens in Scotland, where a pint of beer is only £2 and on top of that, we get a student discount with our GCU ID cards. This country is... magical. The Walkabout is actually a chain of Australian-themed pubs, and the main attraction on the menu is kangaroo meat. They serve kangaroo skewers, steaks, burgers, sandwiches ("sarnies") and salads. We decided that we all wanted to give a new food a shot and since last night was the first night before our classes begin (mine starts in... 30 mins now) we'd go out to dinner. I ordered an arugula salad topped with kangaroo fillet. 

Now, let me tell you this: kangaroo tastes exactly like steak. If I didn't know it was kangaroo, I wouldn't know the difference. Jared got an actual steak, and Ian go a 'roo burger which is definitely next on my list. Just enjoying the fillet on my salad - warm, juicy, tender - I could imagine it as a fantastic burger. 

So, classes start today and my schedule is excellent. We only have to take three classes to equal a full courseload (five classes) at Brock, so it already seems like a treat. On top of that, I've only got class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which gives me a four day weekend to explore the country! On Saturday, a group of us are going up to Loch Ness for the day, and I hope to either revisit Edinburgh or make a trip to Stirling and Falkirk in the next couple of weeks. 

I've come down with a wicked cold, and been trying to fight it off desperately. I've been drinking hot lemon water with honey and cayenne pepper - sort of a cleansing potion - and trying to sleep lots. It's day two of the wicked cold, and it hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to being sick, but this is something else.

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